Elisabeth Schramm, MSW, RSW

Elisabeth SchrammElisabeth Schramm
Social Worker, MSW, RSW, Certified Yoga Teacher

I am a clinical social worker in private practice, integrating various modalities in therapy, along with yoga and mindfulness meditation practices (when a client is open to this approach). My therapy practice is focused on working with anxiety, depression, post traumatic stress and life transitions. I primarily work with individuals, and offer some couple sessions. My focus in training has been CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy), MBCT (Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy), and well as the application of Mindfulness Meditation in Clinical Practice. I’ve also completed training workshops with respect to yoga for anxiety and depression, and have explored practices that are suitable for PTSD. Yoga and mindfulness practices have proven to be of benefit in building self awareness in body, mind and emotion. These practices may be helpful in regulating and processing emotion. Clients and yoga students will often report a feeling of being more balanced, at ease, and a notable shift toward self acceptance and self compassion. I adapt my approach to address the goals of the client I am working with, drawing on the skills or practices that fit most appropriately.

In addition to my therapy practice with The Wellness Collaborative, I teach yoga at Living Yoga and Health. The weekly classes I offer are: Yoga Over-50 (gentle), Yoga and Meditation, and Yoga Flow (a more active flowing practice). I offer monthly workshops: Introductory Meditation and Yoga for Anxiety. I am pleased to provide private yoga sessions, either in the office or at the yoga studio. In my experience with individuals with profound anxiety, attending a workshop may be a significant barrier, and so private sessions may be ideal.

For more information, you may visit my other website, elisabethschramm.com. To schedule an appointment, please call 519.994.7780 or email elisabethschramm@thewellnesscollaborative.com.