Enhance Your Individual Work And Your Healing with Workshops

  • Are you feeling alone in your struggle?
  • Are you thinking: no one “gets” my issues or understands what you’re going through?
  • Or that maybe your emotional work with your therapist is going well but your relationships, boundaries, self-esteem and confidence, safety and poor sleep could use some immediate strategies?               

Then Consider Trying One of Our Facilitated Peer Workshops!

Now, your automatic thoughts might have jumped to:

“I’m not comfortable talking in groups” or,“ I’m not sharing with a bunch of strangers”

Did you know that almost everyone who attends a workshop feels that same way, which just proves the point that peer workshops are validating and start everyone at a level playing field!

We Hope You’re Still With Us, and Considering a Workshop…

Here are some of the benefits of peer workshops that we hope will outweigh your fear. Workshops can:

  • Provide insights in a single session that could take weeks in one to one therapy
  • Provide acceptance and understanding with minimal explaining
  • Provide validation by being with others with similar struggles
  • Allow for sharing ideas, problem solving and honest feedback from understanding peers who may be further along in their healing evolution
  • Give hope for change
  • Provide a safe, non-judgmental place to practice new strategies
  • Increase self-confidence, self awareness, knowledge, skills and safety
  • Decrease the sense of being alone.

“Companioning in pain hastens healing.”

All Facilitated Peer Workshops at The Wellness Collaborative are led by skilled and respectful facilitators who will honor the pace and process of each individual.

We encourage you to consider workshops as part of your wellness!

Stigma-Free Mental Health

Whether you have a diagnosed mental illness, you “struggle a bit” with something like body image dissatisfaction or a loss, or you are pretty happy but need more balance in your life, we have services that can help you live your happiest, healthiest life.

The Wellness Collaborative is a group of passionate clinicians who have come together to offer dynamic talk and experiential mental health outpatient therapy, and a space for self-reflection and personal growth.  Please check back regularly for new information and upcoming groups!